Showjumping Competition

Showjumping Competition

On June 12, 2021

At Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Durham, DH7 9HB

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Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Waterhouses, Co. Durham, DH7 9HB


Showjumping Competition 

You MUST book and pay in advance - you will be given an allocated time to jump. 

You MUST come and JUMP and GO!

If entering more that one class - please rteurn to your lorry/trailer until close to your allocated time.

Fewest fault and fastest time wins! 

NO SPECTATORS will be allowed!

09.00-10.00am Clear round £6

Classes start 10am £10.00 / entry!

Class 1: 50cm

Class 2: 60cm

Class 3: 70cm

Class 4: 80cm

Class 5: 90cm

Class 6: 100cm


Time Name Class J/S Horse
09:30 Holly Dodd Clear Round: 50cm   Whisper 
09:34 Lily Stobart Clear Round: 50cm   Kate
09:48 Rosalind Heslop Clear Round: 50cm   Apple
09:42 Holly Dodd Clear Round: 50cm   Whisper 
09:46 Penny Archer Clear Round: 50cm   Rocket
10:00 Fiona Lyons Class 1: 50cm Senior Jjays Dakota
10:03 Lily Stobart Class 1: 50cm Junior Kate
10:06 Rosalind Heslop Class 1: 50cm Senior Apple
10:09 Jan Swailes Class 1: 50cm Senior Lux Jazzy
10:40 Fiona Lyons Class 2: 60cm Senior Jjays Dakota
10:43 Lorna Turnbull Class 2: 60cm Senior Nepo Django
10:46 Amy Marshall Class 2: 60cm Senior Trans Des Obeaux
10:49 Niamh Windram Class 2: 60cm Junior Elle Est Belle
10:52 Kelly Pattinson Class 2: 60cm Senior Donapollo 
10:55 Barry Sexton Class 2: 60cm Senior Tynedale Tobias
10:58 Louise Smith Class 2: 60cm Senior Neebro Gucci
11:01 Lesley Moore Class 2: 60cm Senior Molly
11:04 Jan Swailes Class 2: 60cm Senior Lux Jazzy
11:07 Keira Mcgurk Class 2: 60cm Junior Dinky
11:40 Jayne Mcgurk Class 3: 70cm Senior Talia
11:43 Clara Rowbottom Class 3: 70cm Junior Rostrevor Blaze
11:46 Lorna Turnbull Class 3: 70cm Senior Nepo Django
11:49 Amy Marshall Class 3: 70cm Senior Trans Des Obeaux
11:52 Niamh Windram Class 3: 70cm Junior Elle Est Belle
11:55 Gail Wilson  Class 3: 70cm Senior Folly Harvey Moon
11:58 Kelly Pattinson Class 3: 70cm Senior Donapollo 
12:01 Barry Sexton Class 3: 70cm Senior Tynedale Tobias
12:04 Holly Dodd Class 3: 70cm Junior Trudy 
12:07 Louise Smith Class 3: 70cm Senior Neebro Gucci
12:40 Clara Rowbottom Class 4: 80cm Junior Rostrevor Blaze
12:43 Emily Butts Class 4: 80cm Junior The Tame Fairy
12:46 Rachael Smith  Class 4: 80cm Senior Arthur 
12:49 Tessa Stephenson Class 4: 80cm Junior Chips
12:52 Gail Wilson  Class 4: 80cm Senior Folly Harvey Moon
12:55 Kelly Pattinson Class 4: 80cm Senior Donapollo 
12:58 Holly Dodd Class 4: 80cm Junior Trudy 
13:01 Jill Anderson Class 4: 80cm Senior Blue
13:04 Layla Kirkbride Class 4: 80cm Junior Miss Tallia
13:07 Joanne Forster Class 4: 80cm Senior Woody
13:27 Joanne Forster Class 5: 90cm Senior Woody
13:30 Emily Butts Class 5: 90cm Junior The Tame Fairy
13:33 Rachael Smith  Class 5: 90cm Senior Arthur 
13:36 Tessa Stephenson Class 5: 90cm Junior Chips
13:39 Jill Anderson Class 5: 90cm Senior Blue
13:45 Joanne Forster Class 5: 90cm Senior Joey
14:10 Joanne Forster Class 6: 100cm Senior Joey


Competition Guidelines