Arena Eventers' Challenge

Arena Eventers' Challenge

On May 08, 2021

At Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Durham, DH7 9HB

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Ivesley Eventers' Challenge

Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Waterhouses, Co. Durham, DH7 9HB

Clear round 09:00am till 10:00am £6

Classes are 55cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm and cost £10 per class!

Come and test your jumping skills at our Eventers' Challenge!

This competition is held within the arena and has a mix of Show-Jumping and Working Hunter Fences . 

The fastest time and fewest faults overall wins!


Entry to Ivesley property and participation in this event are subject to our standard Terms of Entry, which includes some useful definitions. In entering the event you are agreeing to those terms, so please read them.


Time Name Class J/S Horse
09:30 Sarah Aiston  Clear Round (approx 50cm) Senior Blaze 
09:33 Sarah Aiston  Clear Round (approx 50cm) Senior Blaze 
09:36 Tabitha Dodd Clear Round (approx 50cm) Senior Maggie 
09:39 Rosalind Heslop Clear Round (approx 50cm) Senior Apple
10:00 Molly Bartlett 50cm Junior Jimmy's Boy
10:03 Michelle Dowson 50cm Senior Runnymede Disco Diva
10:06 Fiona Lyons 50cm Senior Jjays Dakota
10:09 Hollie Codling 50cm Senior The Great Escape 
10:12 Nikki Lawson 50cm Senior Quincy
10:30 Molly Yeulet 60cm Senior Ruby's Double 
10:33 Molly Bartlett 60cm Junior Jimmy's Boy
10:36 Nikki Lawson 60cm Senior Quincy
10:39 Topsy Dickson 60cm Senior Buzz
10:42 Louise Hardwick 60cm Senior Gwynne
10:45 Lucy Stoker 60cm Senior Smudge
10:48 Michelle Dowson 60cm Senior Runnymede Disco Diva
10:51 Lorna Turnbull 60cm Senior Nepo Django
10:54 Fiona Lyons 60cm Senior Jjays Dakota
10:57 Tabitha Dodd 60cm Senior Maggie 
11:00 Hollie Codling 60cm Senior The Great Escape 
11:30 Molly Yeulet 70cm Senior Ruby's Double 
11:33 Molly Bartlett 70cm Junior Jimmy's Boy
11:36 Topsy Dickson 70cm Senior Buzz
11:39 Mia Boustead 70cm Junior Jester
11:42 Leanne Boustead 70cm Senior Elsie Star
11:45 Lorna Turnbull 70cm Senior Nepo Django
11:48 Ilan Baron 70cm Senior Qurespo
11:51 Sue Bell 70cm Senior War Joey
12:30 Samantha Morgan 80cm Senior Clare Island Star
12:33 Vikkie Wilkinson  80cm Senior Back To The Bank
12:36 Kirsten Greenhill 80cm Senior Tully 
12:39 Julia Smith 80cm Senior Marvin
12:42 Elaine Clark 80cm Junior Gwinny
12:45 Topsy Dickson 80cm Senior Buzz
12:48 Jessica Townley  80cm Senior Handels Minuette 
12:51 Sue Bell 80cm Senior War Joey
13:20 Samantha Morgan 90cm Senior Clare Island Star
13:23 Vikkie Wilkinson  90cm Senior Back To The Bank
13:26 Michaela Benson 90cm Senior Tommy
13:29 Topsy Dickson 90cm Senior Buzz


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