Bed and Breakfast

Whether you want to sightsee the historic City of Durham or the stunning North Pennines AONB, attend the regions' famous sporting events such as the Great North Run or cricket at Chester-le-Street's Riverside Stadium or bring your horse to Ivesley for a Riding Holiday, our comfortable rooms are the perfect place to rest your head! 

We offer accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis in our cosy double rooms, which are all ensuite. Our luxurious beds  are guaranteed to give you a good night's rest. In the morning, you open your curtains to the stunning countryside around us with horses grazing in the fields and, if you're lucky, you might catch a sight of our resident Roe Deer. Leave your window open at night and the blissful quiet is broken only by the hooting of owls. Ivesley is also the perfect spot for stargazing with dark skies and a clear view down to the horizon in most directions and a knowledgeable host. In the morning, a continental breakfast is available that includes fresh eggs from our resident chickens!

All this, and we're only six miles from the City of Durham with its Cathedral, University, restaurants and bars and only forty minutes from the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ivesley is the ideal spot for getting away from it all.

Bed and Breakfast is £60 per room per night and can be booked through AirBnB.


Riding Holidays

Can't bear the idea of leaving your equine friends behind? Then bring your horses to Ivesley for a stay! We can offer Bed and Breakfast accommodation, lorry or trailer parking, stabling or paddocks, access to our fabulous facilities and accessible hacking through the beautiful County Durham countryside. Bed and Breakfast is £60 per room per night and stabling is from £20 per horse per night. 

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can make it happen!


No rider under the age of 8 years old may use the Cross Country course.

Riders over the age of 8 may use the Cross Country course if accompanied by an adult.

In using the Cross Country Course, I am fully aware that there are no medical services on the ground and I shall be doing so entirely at my own risk and:

  • I agree that Ivesley Equestrian, its partners, staff or servants, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to horse, rider or property, howsoever caused.
  • I warrant that I am capable of using the course safely.
  • I agree to wear suitable footwear with a defined heel and a riding hat with flexible peak and back protector that conform to the current British Standard.
  • I shall familiarise myself with the course prior to use.
  • If hiring the course, I shall be accompanied by a non-riding adult with a working mobile telephone.
  • I shall report any damage, defects or broken jumps immediately.
  • Any instruction I receive shall be from a qualified and insured instructor.
  • Any accident or incident shall be reported to Ivesley Equestrian staff, whether or not an injury was caused.

Back Protectors must conform to the BETA 2009 or 2018 standard.

Hats must conform to PAS 015 (2011) with BSI Kitemark or VG01.040 2014-12 with BSI Kitemark or Inspec IC Mark, ASTM F1163 2014a/14a onwards with SEI Mark or SNELL E2016.

Ivesley's cross country course, formerly used for British Eventing events, is well known across the North East region and is the jewel in the crown of the Ivesley estate. Since Ivesley changed hands in March 2013, the course has been significantly improved with many new portable jumps added to the already extensive course, many jumps rebuilt and a new warm-up area added.

The course runs across three fields, with jumps ranging from 40cm to 100cm and full courses of 55cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm available. The portable jumps mean the course can be rearranged throughout the season for competitions. Ivesley has hosted unaffiliated Hunter Trials, Show Cross and One Day Events, including the British Riding Club Horse Trial and Combined Training Qualifiers over recent years. The course is available to hire for third party events, including Riding Club or Pony Club events, clinics or rallies and can be rearranged and flagged to each event's specific requirements.

The XC is available to hire through our booking system below!

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Ivesley Equestrian is private property and, while we want you to relax and enjoy your time with us, we ask that competitors, spectators and their companions respect the rules of entry to our premises and are respectful and considerate to both other visitors, our livery clients and residents.


General Terms of Entry

Entry to Ivesley Equestrian property is solely at the discretion of the proprietors.

We reserve the right for us, our agents or employees to ask any person and their companions to leave at any time, with or without stating a reason, and retain any entry fees paid.

We shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant, spectator, horse, vehicle or property howsoever caused in conjunction with or arising out of any event.

Aggressive or intimidatory behaviour to any person on site will not be tolerated and person(s) acting in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Ivesley Equestrian property.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. We reserve the right to charge a fine if a loose dog interferes with the running of any event or causes any harm or distress to the farm animals and equines on site.

Dog faeces must be picked up and disposed of in the bins provided, or removed from the site.

No visitor may enter any of the livery stables unless accompanied by a staff member.

Please park cars, lorries and trailers considerately and do not block any access roads, which may be needed at any time for emergency vehicles.

Equine droppings must be picked up and either taken away or put onto the muck heap. This includes droppings in the car park, hard standing areas, yard and arenas.

Horses tied to the outside of wagons/trailers must not be left unattended.

Litter must be either taken away or placed in the bins provided.

Damage caused to Ivesley Equestrian property must be paid for.

Theft of Ivesley Equestrian property, or the property of any of our clients or other visitors will be reported to the police and the perpetrator(s) will be banned from all future events.

Equines visiting Ivesley Equestrian must be free from contagious diseases, have up-to-date vaccinations and travel with their passport. We reserve the right to check passports and deny entry if one is not available.

Equines visiting Ivesley Equestrian and riders should be adequately insured for the activity they are partaking in, which should include public liability insurance of at least £1 million.

Horses that kick out or intact stallions must wear a red tail ribbon.


Cross Country Course

No rider under the age of 8 years old may use the Cross Country course.

Riders over the age of 8 may use the Cross Country course if accompanied by an adult.

All riders must sign-in and pay at the house before entering the Cross Country course.

All riders must wear a back protector and skull cap with a flexible peak that meet current industry standards, please refer to the British Eventing rulebook to obtain the current standards. Boots with a defined heel must be worn when using the Cross Country course.

Riders must not attempt jumps that are crossed with flags.

Riders must not enter areas that are roped off.

Any damage must be reported.



Entries can be made online or in person and must be paid for in advance.

Times will be made available at least two days before the clinic by telephone or on the website.

We will make a best effort to allocate the times requested on your entry form, but we may not be able to do so in all circumstances. In this instance we reserve the right to transfer your booking to another date or refund any entry fees at our sole discretion.

Entry fees are refundable if withdrawal is before the times are made available.

Entry fees are refundable in the event of us cancelling the event.

Entry fees are not refundable is withdrawal is after the times are made available and a substitute cannot be found.

We reserve the right to deduct an administration charge from any refund made to cover our reasonable processing costs.

Complaints about the instruction given must, in the first instance, be made to the instructor who will endeavour to resolve the issue at the time. If no satisfactory resolution can be found, the complaint must be made in writing to the proprietors who will consider each case on its merits. We reserve the right to not issue refunds if we consider the complaint without merit.



Entries can be made online or in person and must be paid for in advance.

A Veteran Horse is 16yrs old or older.

A Senior Rider is 17yrs old or older. A person 16yrs old or younger is a Junior Rider.

Times will be made available at least two days before the competition on the website. Times will not be issued by telephone.

We will make a best effort to allocate the times requested on your entry form, but we may not be able to do so in all circumstances.

Entry fees are refundable if withdrawal is before the times are made available.

Entry fees are refundable in the event of us cancelling the event.

Entry fees are not refundable is withdrawal is after the times are made available.

We reserve the right to deduct an administration charge from any refund made to cover our reasonable processing costs.

Complaints must be made in writing to the event secretary. For some events we will require a deposit to be lodged with the complaint that will be retained if the complaint is not upheld. Details of complaints procedure for each event will be detailed on that event's web page.

Ivesley Equestrian may offer prizes, prize money or rosettes to competition winners. Prize money will not be offered in lieu of a prize.

Prizes and rosettes must be collected on the day. We will not post prizes and/or rosettes to individuals after the event.

Ivesley Equestrian reserves the right to vary or withhold prizes or prize money, at our sole discretion.

In the event of a tie, prizes will be split between competitors, where possible and appropriate.

Dressage score sheets must be collected on the day. Sheets will not be posted out after the event.



Ivesley Equestrian may appoint an official photographer for an event and there may be a commercial agreement in place for them to do so. As such:

Professional photographers must ask permission before coming to take photographs at events.

We reserve the right to deny access to any professional or amateur photographer or to charge for the right to take photographs.


Photographers must wear a high visibility vest, not interfere with or distract any horse, remain off the course lines and always be aware of their surroundings.

Ivesley Equestrian does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to photographic equipment, injury caused to any photographer, injury, harm or distress caused by any photographer, howsoever caused.

Photographers should ensure they carry sufficient insurance to cover themselves, their property and public liability insurance.

We reserve the right to photograph competitors, participants, spectators and their horses for use in promotional material, including our website and social media outlets. 


With our beautiful location, comprehensive facilities, excellent hacking and attentive staff, Ivesley is the perfect place to keep your horse and enjoy your passion to the full. We offer a range of livery options from DIY to Full Livery and can tailor a package of assistance to work around you and your horse's needs. Our livery yard is BHS Approved with Highly Commended Horse Care, Turnout and Facilities so you can expect safe, well maintained, facilities and excellent horse husbandry and management. The livery yard has someone on site 24hrs per day, every day.

Our Beeches stabling comprises of an American Barn with fourteen stables and a further six outdoor stables arranged around the stable yard. These high specification stables all have automatic water drinkers and private, secure tack rooms that are fitted-out with a metal feed bin, saddle and rug racks and useful shelving. All of our boxes are a minimum of 12' x 12' and are rubber matted with automatic water drinkers.


Testimonials from some of our Livery Clients

We believe that we run one of the best livery yards and competition centres in the North East of England, but don't take our word for it! Here are some comments from our llvery clients:

"5* yard for livery and competition. The best in the area. The grazing, hacking and facilities are all second to none. Team of staff are experienced and helpful. My horse is thriving here. Very highly recommended. ? - Sophie

"Lovely livery yard with great facilities and lots of off road hacking. Lots going on to keep you and your horse happy. Helpful and friendly staff, with lots of flexibility to cater for different levels of support in caring for your horse." - Heather

"My horses have never been happier since moving to Ivesley. The staff are so professional, friendly and knowledgeable and nothing is ever a problem." - Vicky

British Horse Society - Approved
BHS Approved Livery Yard

 "Ivesley is a fantastic yard myself and my horse are very happy and settled, the facilities are second to none everything is kept in good order, the staff are caring and thorough, with beautiful off road hacking for miles it has everything. Highly recommended." - Katherine


Benefits of livery at Ivesley

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff available 7-days per week
  • Flexible approach for extras; book what you need when you want it, with no commitment
  • Use of our excellent facilities, including indoor and outdoor floodlit arenas with Polyblock jumps and large floodlit lunge pen
  • The Deerness Valley path is within easy reach, which provides access to miles of bridleways without needing to go on a road
  • Discounted entries to our events and competitions
  • Discounted hire of the Cross Country course
  • Discounted hire of our BSJA show jumps
  • Year-round turnout
  • Well managed grassland, all fields are harrowed, rolled and rotated regularly
  • Yard worming programme
  • High quality haylage, produced on site, is available to all clients for free
  • Parking for lorries and trailers is available
  • We supply shavings and wood pellets and bulk-buy to get the best price for our clients, delivered to your stable door
  • Being at the centre of one of the region's most exciting competition yards, with great events and clinics on your doorstep year round



We do not compromise where the health and welfare of your horses is concerned and have worked with local vets to produce a biosecurity policy to protect horses on our yard from infection and prevent the spread of infection should one occur. All horses coming to Ivesley must have a valid passport and have up-to-date vaccinations. Over and above this, all horses coming to livery at Ivesley must have a clear Gutteral Pounch Wash test before arrival and are initially quarantined in a separate isolation area. 


Livery Packages and Prices

Package Includes Summer Winter
Grass Livery

Grazing & Field Shelter (including haylage in the Winter)

£90pcm £128pcm
  Facility Use Package (for grass liveries)   £20pcm
    Top Yard The Beeches
DIY Stable and Grazing (including haylage) £202pcm £233pcm
    5 Days/week 7 Days/week 5 Days/week 7 Days/week
Assisted DIY Daily Turn Out (no rug change) £255pcm £276pcm £286pcm £307pcm

Daily turn out, bring in, rug changes & pick feet out

Care of stable, bedding, water

Preparation of hay and feed

Vet/Farrier Handling

£460pcm £563pcm £491pcm £594pcm

To discuss keeping your horse or pony at Ivesley, you are welcome to call us on 0191 3737220 or pay us a visit.

Indoor ArenaThe Beeches American Barn62m x 24m all weather outdoor arena