Hunter Trial

Hunter Trial

On May 11, 2024

Categories: Competitions

Tags: Cross Country, Hunter Trial


Classes £35 individual / £50 pairs entry fee per class. Fees include medical cover.

Class 1a: 55cm - Fences 55cm max.

Class 1b: 55cm Pairs - Fences 55cm max.

Class 2a: 70cm - Fences 70cm max.

Class 2b: 70cm Pairs - Fences 70cm max.

Class 3a: 80cm - Fences 80cm max.

Class 3b: 80cm Pairs - Fences 80cm max.

Class 4: 90cm Fences 90cm max.

Class 5: 100cm - Fences 100cm max.

The course will have an OPTIMUM timed section. The timed section will be marked on the course plans available at the course walk and secretary's desk.