Dressage Clinic with Kirsty Loveday

From December 02, 2021 15:00 until December 02, 2021 20:00
Categories: Clinics
Tags: Dressage

Kirsty has many years experience with a vast variety of horses having trained up to advanced dressage on numerous horses. However her excellence lies with young and quirky horses. Kirsty has trained all her competition horses from scratch achieving many great things including but not limiting to area festivals, regionals and home internationals but the sky is the limit. 


Kirsty is trained UKCC and currently holds a trainee judge title. She regularly judges unaffiliated competitions and has a vast knowledge in how horse and rider should perform and also how to achieve the greatest from every partnership. 


This year Kirsty has seen clients progress from non riders to BS competitors, she's had BD clients contend the under 25’s at Sheepgate, achieving top 10 placements, area festivals and regionals. 


Kirsty’s heart lies more with training then competing so the building blocks put in place for each partnership are individual and correct. 



Rider Name  Time
Clare Maxwell 5:00-6:00
Alisha Mackie 5:00-6:00
Sarah Aiston  5:00-6:00 
Christine Peart  6:00-7:00
Megan Bonner 6:00-7:00
Heidi  6:00-7:00
Poppy 6:00-7:00