Prix Caprilli Competition

On March 14, 2020
Categories: Competitions

A Prix Caprilli test is a combination of jumping and dressage performed simultaneously in the same arena. It is named after Captain Federico Caprilli, an Italian cavalry instructor, who is credited with inventing the forward seat.

We will run four Prix Caprilli classes -

Class 1: Raised Poles - this is a test in walk and trot only and incorporates trotting poles (20m x 40m arena)

Class 2: 60cm with 2 jumps - this is a test in walk, trot and canter. There will be two (upright) jumps (20m x 40m arena)

Class 3: 50cm - this is a test in walk, trot and canter. There will be three cross poles (20m x 60m arena)

Class 4: 60cm with 3 jumps - this is a test in walk, trot and canter. There will be three jumps (20m x 60m arena)

It is a simple test of horsemanship in which a horse's all round schooling can be shown. To get good marks, the horse should be obedient and move in balance with a rhythmic tempo. Jumping the fences, or trotting over the poles, should be done smoothly with a minimum of disturbance to the rhythm.

Copies of the tests have been provided

Entries will be £12 and will close the Monday prior to competition. There will be a late fee charged for any entries after the closing date. 

*Please note* a £2 charge will be in place for anyone wanting their test called by an Ivesley member of staff

Rosettes to 6th place. 

Judge: TBC

Competition Guidelines

Pre-entry required by midnight Monday before competition 
A late entry fee of £3 per class will apply for entries received after the closing date
Times will be posted will be available on this website
A £5 deposit will be taken for Numbers.
A full refund is only available if withdrawal is before the closing date
Dogs must be kept on a lead. Failure to do so will result in a £20 fine.
Horses tied to the outside of wagons/trailers must not be left unattended
Please leave the car park neat and tidy and remove any rubbish, litter or droppings
Competitors and spectators are not permitted to enter the livery yard or touch any liveried horses at Ivesley
The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor,servant, spectator, horse, vehicle or property howsoever caused in conjunction or arising out of the competition
It is mandatory for all competitors/riders to wear a helmet to British standard EN1384, ASTMF1163 or PAS015 at all times when mounted on Ivesley Equestrian property
Lungeing is not permitted by competitors anywhere on Ivesley Equestrian property
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises
All horses must not be carriers of any infectious or contagious diseases
Passports must be available for inspection on number collection at secretary's desk
Warm up is to take place in designated area only
The judge's decision is final
Protests or objections must be made to the secretary in writing with a deposit of £20 within half an hour of the incident or the scores being published
Prizes and rosettes must be collected on the day
Any competitor under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times
The management and organisers reserve the right to alter/ amend the rules at their discretion