Summer Series Dressage Competition

From July 07, 2019 10:00 until July 07, 2019 16:00
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Tags: Dressage

Classes are £14 each and start at 10am sharp. The competition will take place on our outdoor arena and warm-up will be in our indoor arena.

JUDGE: Helen Townsend


Intro C (2016)

Prelim 7 (2002)

Prelim 12 (2005)

Novice 28 (2008)

Elementary 49 (2009)

Rosettes will be awarded to sixth place


Entries must be made in advance.


10:00 Ellie clark Intro C Junior Oakley
10:06 Jane Horn  Intro C Junior Rowhill Keepsake
10:12 Liz Haynes Intro C Senior Wansfell Clarissa
10:18 Madison slee Intro C Junior Woodend abstract
10:24 Emma Louise Gallagher Intro C Senior Apollo
10:30 Anastasia Harper Intro C Senior Ballinamore Bentley
10:45 Madison slee Prelim 7 Junior Woodend abstract
10:51 Karen Fletcher Prelim 7 Senior Storm
10:57 Louise Milne  Prelim 7 Senior Wiviera 
11:03 Wendy Sproates Prelim 7 Senior Trojan
11:09 Susan Curnow Prelim 7 Senior Fast Bill
11:25 Susan Curnow Prelim 12 Senior Fast Bill
11:31 Karen Fletcher Prelim 12 Senior Storm
11:37 Louise Milne  Prelim 12 Senior Wiviera 
11:43 Wendy Sproates Prelim 12 Senior Trojan
11:49 Heather Bainbridge Prelim 12 Senior Shandoah Glen
11:55 Annie Ross Prelim 12 Senior Lula
12:01 Lauren Todd Prelim 12  Senior Charles
12:10 Heather bainbridge Novice 28 Senior Shandoah glen
12:16 Annie Ross Novice 28 Senior Lula
12:22 Nikki Lawson  Novice 28 Senior Ginger
12:28 Katie Knox Novice 28 Senior Acton Cherry Blossom
12:40 Nikki Lawson  Elementary 49 Senior Ginger



  • Entries close at midnight on the Monday prior to the competition. 
  • Times will be posted on the website by the Thursday prior to the competition.
  • Please keep to time to ensure everyone's enjoyment – failure to do so may result in you forfeiting the class.
  • Refunds are only available up until the Tuesday prior to the competition, unless the class is cancelled.
  • Rosettes are awarded to sixth place.
  • Junior/Senior entries will only be split in a class if there are at least three of each
  • The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant, spectator, horse, vehicle or property howsoever caused in conjunction or arising out of the competition. 
  • All classes will be performed in conjunction with British Dressage rules.
  • It is MANDATORY for all competitors/riders to wear a helmet to current safety standards (eg ASTMF1163 or PAS015 but for a full list please consult the BE rule book) at all times when mounted on Ivesley Equestrian property.
  • Lungeing is not permitted by competitors anywhere on Ivesley Equestrian property.
  • Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times and must not be brought into the indoor arena viewing gallery.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • All horses must be vaccinated to date and not be carriers of any infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Passports must be available for inspection. Flu vaccs must be up to date.
  • Warm up is to take place in designated area only. 
  • The judge's decision is final. 
  • Any competitor under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. 
  • The management and organisers reserve the right to alter/amend the rules at their discretion.
  • No competitor or spectator may enter the livery buildings or touch any liveried horses at Ivesley.

Tack and Equipment

The following are permitted:

  • English type saddles
  • Preliminary and novice tests – snaffle bridles only
  • Elementary and medium tests – ordinary snaffle or double bridles
  • Nosebands are obligatory (drop, flash or cavesson with a snaffle and a cavesson with a double bridle)
  • Discreet padding of the bridle at the poll or noseband
  • Nose nets that are discreet covering the nose only and leaving the mouth and bit visible
  • Breastplates
  • Neckstraps – Prelim level
  • Anti fly impregnated brow-bands or fly discs
  • Discreet fly fringes (outdoor only)
  • Numnahs and saddle clothes (logo no more than 14cmx14cm)
  • Stallion disc MUST be displayed on each side of a stallions bridle at all times
  • Side saddles

The following are NOT permitted:

  • Martingales
  • Bit guard, tongue guard or tongue strap
  • Boots and bandages (except when warming up)
  • Substitutes for conventional shoes except in warm up
  • Elasticated reins
  • Saddle covers and seat savers
  • Market Harboroughs, side, draw, check or running reins
  • Hackamores and other bitless bridles
  • Blinkers or hoods
  • Ear plugs
  • Fine wire, twine or cord round the horses mouth
  • Full faced fly shields
  • Sheepskin cheek pieces or any other attachment which may affect horse's vision


  • Whips are allowed in all competition including championships
  • Spurs with necks set on the inside of the heel, roughened or cutting edges serrated spurs with or without necks are NOT permitted
  • Spurs must be worn with the curve directed downwards
  • Cruppers and balancing straps are not permitted
  • You may not warm up in equipment not permitted for the actual test