APBBF Dressage Competition

On June 08, 2024
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APBBF Dressage



Dressage is the foundation of the ridden horse. These tests are designed to show the scales of training without focus on the head and neck of the horse.

We look for forwards, rhythm, balance and freedom of the paces. Tests are judged according to the scales of training.


Classes are £14 each and start at 10am sharp. The competition will take place on our outdoor arena and warm-up will be in our indoor arena.

JUDGE: Pippa Hann and Tracy Hutchinson


Walk Intro 1

Walk Prelim 1

Intro 1

Prelim 1


Rosettes will be awarded to sixth place


Entries must be made in advance.


Ivesley Rules

  • Entries close at midnight on the Monday prior to the competition after which a late entry fee will apply until Saturday lunchtime.
  • Times will be posted on the website by the Thursday prior to the competition.
  • Please keep to time to ensure everyone's enjoyment – failure to do so may result in you forfeiting the class.
  • Refunds are only available up until the Tuesday prior to the competition, unless the class is cancelled.
  • Rosettes are awarded to sixth place.
  • Junior/Senior entries will only be split in a class if there are at least three of each
  • The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant, spectator, horse, vehicle or property howsoever caused in conjunction or arising out of the competition. 
  • All classes will be performed in conjunction with British Dressage rules.
  • It is MANDATORY for all competitors/riders to wear a helmet to current safety standards (eg ASTMF1163 or PAS015 but please check the BE rulebook for a full list) at all times when mounted on Ivesley Equestrian property.
  • Lungeing is not permitted by competitors anywhere on Ivesley Equestrian property.
  • Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times and must not be brought into the indoor arena viewing gallery.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • All horses must be vaccinated to date and not be carriers of any infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Passports must be available for inspection. Horse must be up to date with flu vaccs. Annual booster to be have done within a year.
  • Warm up is to take place in designated area only. 
  • The judge's decision is final. 
  • Any competitor under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. 
  • The management and organisers reserve the right to alter/amend the rules at their discretion.
  • No competitor or spectator may enter the livery buildings or touch any liveried horses at Ivesley.


APBBF Dressage Rules 2024


Dressage is the foundation of the ridden horse. These tests are designed to show the scales of training without focus on the head and neck of the horse.

We look for forwards, rhythm, balance and freedom of the paces. Tests are judged according to the scales of training.


The judges decision is final. Any complaints are to be raised before the end of day with a £20 non refundable deposit.



Hats must meet current safety standards and be correctly fastened when mounted:

  • PAS 015 (2011 and onwards)
  • VG1
  • EN1384-2023
  • SNELL E2016, EN2021
  • ASTM F1163 2015 and onwards
  • AS/NZS 3838 2006 and onwards

Body protectors are advised and should meet current safety standards.

Gloves should be a light colour. (white, yellow, beige etc)

Jackets should be worn over a white shirt with a stock or tie. They should be Black, Navy or tweed.

Breeches/ Jodhpurs should be worn. Dark colours permitted.

Spurs and whips. Small spurs (no larger than 25mm) are permitted, a long whip is also permitted.

Competitors number must be clearly displayed on the riders back.

It must also be clearly visible on either the bridle or the saddle pad.



Equines should be up to date with vaccinations.

Equines should be clean and presentable. Plaiting is desirable.  

Equines may be presented barefoot or shod.

There is no breed or type restriction, ponies, horses, mules and donkey are all permitted.

No equines under the age of 4 years of age to be ridden.

No equines under the age of 3 to be presented for ridden or in hand classes.




Simple bridles are permitted.

Micklem style bridles are NOT permitted


Cavesson nosebands are permitted.

Equines may be presented without a noseband.

Grackle, drop, flash or combination nosebands are NOT permitted.

Bitless bridles:

Bitless bridles permitted: Side pull, scrawbrig, S shank hackamore, Dually, small shank (Iberian) hackamore.

NOT permitted: German Hackamore, English Hackamore and Cross under (Dr Cook).


As per BD bit rules.

Single jointed, Lozenge type, Barrel and Mullen types are permitted.

Permitted Cheeks: Full, D, Eggbutt, loose ring, tubed, fulmer, hanging cheek

Not permitted: gags, universal, pelham, running gags, wilkie, bevel

Bits must be made from metal or plastics.



Saddle may be tree or treeless saddle.

Saddles should be black or brown

Saddle Pads, Squares and Numnah:

Should be White, Black, Navy or Brown

Neck straps:

Neck straps, hunting breast plates and other type breast plates are permitted

Martingale attachments and market Harborough are NOT permitted.


All tests can be ridden or presented in hand (long reins, ridden from ground).

Judges decision is final.

Callers are permitted at all levels.

Verbal commands to equines are permitted.

Walk Series:

The Walk series of tests are aimed at horses that are unridden or are unsound in trot due to chronic injury (arthritic change, ring bone, side bone etc).

These tests are to be performed entirely in walk, with scaling difficulty in the patterns and lateral movements.



Care and respect are expected at all venues, we are fortunate to be able to use them to host these events. Please stay out of private areas.

Anti-social behaviours and abusive behaviours will not be tolerated, this will result in being banned from competing in these competitions at ANY and ALL venues.