Trec Competition

From May 26, 2018 09:00 until May 27, 2018 18:00
Categories: Competitions

TREC is a great sport that any horse /pony and rider can enjoy. There is the chance to improve and Championships to aim for if you want to, or you can just enjoy exploring the countryside with your trusty steed (and a friend as well if you want to, in a pairs class).

TREC events are run all year but in different formats in the summer and winter. Full TREC’s are run during the summer months with up to 4 different levels competing, usually over a weekend.

TREC is a three phase competition. The phases can be run in any order but generally in a 2 day competition the orienteering ride (known as the POR, which is the abbreviation of its full name in French) is run on the first day with the other 2 phases being run on the second day. 

Level 1 competitions, which are the entry level, are often run over one day with the other levels mostly being run over the whole weekend. The higher levels involve longer and more complicated POR courses and often harder PTV and MA courses too. A level 1 POR is 10-15km long, which is about 6-9 miles, and takes most horses and riders about 2 hours to complete.

Arena TREC events are run during the winter months in an arena, which can be indoors or outdoors, with no ride or POR, just a shortened course of obstacles (also known as PTV) and Control of Paces (MA).


The best thing about TREC is that you can have fun with friends and your horse whatever your skills. The fun goes on all day, you have many opportunities to do well and a good level of all round performance is rewarded.